Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Part 1

Photoshop is so powerful now, and the legions of users, such as … Lesson 1: Basics: Creating objects. I have compiled some of the basic principles you need ….

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Part 1 Contents:

  • Fix images with poor color or lighting conditions. Improve detail and clarity in washed-out images or reveal parts of an image hidden in shadow.
  • Remove the dreaded red eye.
  • Repair old photographs. Fix up grandma and grandpa\’s wedding photos!
  • Creating photo composites. Remember, in elementary school art classes, when you would cut photos out of magazines and paste them together to create a new composition? Imagine being able to do that again but having the power to make it look real.
  • Combine multiple photos together to create a panoramic photograph.
  • Easily print a contact sheet to fit as many photos as possible of your daughter\’s first day at school onto a single sheet of paper.
  • Create business cards, letterheads, logos, flyers, newsletters, and posters using images and text.
  • Use built-in filters and styles to easily apply various effects to your images and text.
Download Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Part 1 pdf from, 9 pages, 425.45KB.