Avionics – Communication Navigation Surveillance

Airspace, Network Planning & Navigation Division EUROCONTROL… Avionics (communications / navigation). Panel Mount navigation-communication system. Panel Mount ….

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Communication and Navigation
requirements from an ATM perspective
Aircraft Avionics (Communications/Navigation)
Panel mount navigation communication system
Panel mount navigation communication system
Integrated Flight Deck General Aviation
Integrated Flight Deck General Aviation
Integrated Flight Deck Very Light Jet
Integrated Flight Deck Very Light Jet
Integrated Systems Business Jets
Integrated Systems Business Jets
Communication – 8.33 kHz in EUROPE
Mandatory carriage enforced today
• 99.75% equipage rate…
• 2 sets of 8.33 kHz capable radios required to operate above FL195 in the 8.33 kHz airspace
• 8.33 kHz > FL195 & other measures don’t satisfy future VHF demand!!!
• Forward-Fit: from 2010
• Interim: Progressive 8.33 kHz below FL195
• Full (8.33 kHz means compliance): from 2015
• EC Regulation
• Aircraft Equipage
• Safety
• Flight Planning
• Awareness and Training
• Events
• Contact Information
• Aspects of SESAR Target Concept rely upon Navigation (and related avionics)
• Move towards GNSS for all phases of flight (SBAS, GBAS, etc.…)
• Transition from permanent routes to SESAR Business Trajectories (extended use of P-RNAV, RNAV)
• Continued provision of DME as backup to GNSS
• Replacement of NPA’s by approaches with vertical guidance

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