BMW X3 3.0i/si Owner’s Manual

Take the time to read the manual and learn … This manual is supplemented with a warranty and service information booklet for the U.S. models or guarantee ….

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BMW X3 3.0i/si Owner\’s Manual contents:
Using this Owner\’s Manual

4 Notes
7 Reporting safety defects
At a glance
10 Cockpit
18 Opening and closing
27 Adjustments
35 Transporting children safely
38 Driving
46 Everything under control
50 Technology for comfort, convenience and safety
59 Lamps
63 Air conditioner
69 Practical interior accessories
Driving tips
82 Things to remember when driving
92 Refueling
94 Wheels and tires
100 Under the hood
105 Maintenance
107 Replacing components
116 Giving and receiving assistance
122 Technical data
126 Everything from A to Z

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