Boeing 737-436, G-DOCH

Whilst climbing through FL240 the flight crew noticed a small amount of smoke appear on the flight deck, accompanied by a smell of electrical burning. Boeing 737-436, G-But. 11. the previous interview. But G-receive scheduled maintenance at Heathrow airport during the period from September 25 to 27 ….

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Boeing 737-436, G-DOCH Contents

  • Report Information …2
  • Synopsis…2
  • History of the flight …3
  • Flight Recorders …5
  • Flight Deck Door …5
  • Checklist…5
  • Damage to the aircraft …7
  • Supply hose details … 8
  • Previous maintenance …11
  • Detail examination – hose and electrical wires…13
  • Circuit breakers … 13
  • Operational analysis…14
  • General…14
  • Diversion… 14
  • Air Traffic Control… 14
  • In-flight communications… 15
  • Engineering analysis …17
  • Safety Recommendations…18
  • Safety Recommendation 2004-16 … 18
  • Safety Recommendation 2004-17 … 18

They decided to carry out a diversion but were hampered by difficulties in communications with the cabin crew and locating the appropriate checklist, since it was not clearly identified on the index page of the QRH. Fire damage had occurred to electrical wiring in the area of the \’drop-down\’ ceiling panel immediately aft of the flight deck door. A braided steel water supply hose to the forward galley had been attached by means of a simple electrical \’tie-wrap\’ to a wiring loom, and there was evidence of abrasion and arcing between the wires and the hose.

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