Boeing 757-767 Study Guide

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Speedbrakes on Blended
Winglet Airplanes
On blended winglet airplanes, speedbrakes may automatically retract to the 50% position when airspeed exceeds 330 knots (757) or 320 knots (767). If this occurs, do not extend the speedbrake lever beyond the 50% position until airspeed is less than 325 knots (757)
or 315 knots (767).
Some procedures may take effect at RVR 1200 even though a SMGCS chart is only required below RVR 500.
The SMGCS chart, if available, should be referenced for any CAT III approach and for any taxi out for takeoff when the visibility is reported below RVR 1200.
If the visibility is below RVR 500, the ATIS will state that low visibility procedures are in progress and pilots will notify ATC of their approach minima.
At no time will a pilot cross an illuminated red stop bar.
Configured for landing.
Maintaining a stabilized descent rate not to exceed 1,000 fpm unless a published approach procedure requires a sink rate greater than 1,000 fpm and a special briefing was conducted.
If IMC, on target airspeed or reducing toward it. If IMC, established on course

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