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. Faculty Handbook Why should I teach in summer or winter session? … Academic Integrity Guide describes the process in detail and ….

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Faculty Handbook : Academic integrity : Cornell Continuing Education Handbook contents
Instances of dishonesty should immediately be given serious attention, not ignored or humorously only a warning or a requirement that an exercise (for example, a laboratory experiment or paper) be repeated honestly. Deliberate fraudulence by a student to advance his or her academic status usually merits a penalty of some severity. To govern these cases the University Faculty adopted to new Cornell students and are available at registration for Summer/Winter Session courses, from the office of the Dean of Students, 538 Willard Straight Hall, and from the School office in B20 Day Hall. Rather than assuming a common understanding of academic integrity, please clearly define this concept to your students. …
Another purpose is to provide a means of accumulating a confidential record of integrity violations, so that repeated offenses by the The Cornell University Academic Integrity Handbook describes the process in detail and is available from the office of the Dean of Students, 538 Willard Straight These policies may be referenced on the web at the Office Website We urge you to familiarize yourself with the contents of this handbook and to follow strictly the outlined procedures should the need arise. …
Course cancellations or changes in session or time may have a serious effect on their planning and progress through their degree not be changed unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Course changes must be approved by the department chairperson and must receive final approval by the director of Summer/Winter Session. Room changes or changes in instructors are not usually as disruptive. Please notify Ruby Brown (607.255.6627, which are made to your original proposal. …

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