Geographic Imager 3.0 Tutorial Guide

Geographic Imager, Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Guide for Windows  and Macintosh ® … This tutorial and manual on the software it describes are provide ….

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Tutorial Guide for Adobe Photoshop
Specify a Coordinate System
Some reference files do not store coordinate system information. Using a world file as a reference file requires that a source coordinate system be specified. For more information on reference files, see Chapter 2 in the Geographic Imager User Guide.
The EuropeTR.tif was originally made in the WGS 84 coordinate system, however it currently has no coordinate system assigned. Specify a coordinate system using these steps.
1. With the EuropeTR.tif file still the active document, click the Coordinate System Specify… link in the Geographic Imager palette. This specifies a coordinate system for the active document.
2. In the Specify Coordinate System dialog box, click the Browse button.
3. In the Select Coordinate System dialog box, expand the Coordinate Systems > Geodetic > World category, select the WGS 84 coordinate system and click OK.

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