Guide to Long-TermCare Insurance

Insurance is an important tool for protecting yourself against risk. For instance, health insurance pays your doctor and hospital bill… you compare it to others. A shopping guide for long-term care insurance to help you decide if long-term care insurance adequate for ….

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Guide to Long-TermCare Insurance Content

  • What is long-term care?…2
  • Are you likely to need long-term care?…2
  • What does long-term care cost? …3
  • Who pays the bills? …4
  • Where can I get long-term care coverage? …5
  • What are the types of long-term care policies?…5
  • What do policies cost? …6
  • Will my premiums increase as I get older?…8
  • What do long-term care insurance policies cover? ..8
  • What is not covered? …9
  • What else should I know before I buy? …10
  • What about switching policies? …12
  • What should I look for in a policy? …12
  • Before you buy …13
  • Long-term care policy checklist …14
  • HIPAA’€™s impact on long-term care insurance …16
  • Tax treatment …16
  • Consumer protection standards …17
  • If you need help …19
Download Guide to Long-TermCare Insurance pdf from, 12 pages, 156.79KB.
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