Photoshop Color Isolation Tutorial

If you have questions about this tutorial, please contact me … This tutorial is done in Photoshop 7, but it should be reasonably consistent with one. …

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This tutorial will teach you how to have black and white photos with just a splash of color in selected areas. This tutorial is done in PhotoShop 7, but it should be fairly compatible to any of the PhotoShop programs.

  1. Open a photograph that you want to isolate the color on. You will need to duplicate the photo. Click on Layer/Duplicate Layer/Okay.
  2. Now you need to desaturate one of the layers. Click on the first layer in your layer palette to the right of your screen. Then click on Image/Adjustments/Hue Saturation.
  3. Select the colored layer and add a vector mask to it (masks work only in black and white. Black erases while white paints). To do this, go to the layers palette and click on the square button with a small white circle on it.
  4. Now select the mask by clicking on the white mask box. Be sure it is the mask that is selected and not the color photo.
  5. Now the fun begins. Select a nice big brush from your tool palette. You are going to paint black on all the areas of the photo that you want de-colorized. You will need to zoom in using your magnifying glass and also change brush sizes to get all the little detail areas close to your colored section.
  6. Now you should be done and it should look like this. Wasn’t that fun?!
Download Photoshop Color Isolation Tutorial pdf from, 2 pages, 357.78KB.
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