Photoshop Skin Tutorial for Photographers

This is a Photoshop tutorial for photographers who want to change photomanipulators … In this tutorial, you must have a basic knowledge of ….

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Photoshop Manipulating Skin Tutorial for Photographers

  1. With the History Brush Tool active and the History palette visible, you click the tiny empty box to the left of the entry in the History palette that you’d like to use as a restore point. Think of the restore point as the stage in your image editing history from which you’d like to undo the effect of the last action. In our case you choose the entry just before you used the Median Filter.
  2. You choose the size and characteristics of your brush, including diameter, blending mode, opacity, and flow. 
  3. You paint on the areas that you’d like the History  Brush to affect. That means you paint where you want to restore the sharpness: the eye, the lashes and the eyebrows. The rest of the image remains unchanged
  4. When you are finished uncheck the box with the History Brush in the History palette.

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