Photoshop Tips and Tutorial by Serena Carpenter

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TOOLBAR function

  1. Image editing needs
  2. Hover your mouse over the icon
  3. Arrow more options will appear

Marquee Tool

  1. Draw around objects to select them or to create an object such as a rectangle. Use the shift key to draw (drag) a square or rectangle. To add or subtract from a square of circle, 1) hold space bar while drawing object to move it arou nd, 2) hold shift to merge two objects, 3) alt + shift to subtract the new one from the old one

Move Tool
Move layers. Must create a new layer
Lasso Tool

  1. Trace around objects, must be on appropriate layer. The alt key allows you to trace straight lines between click points.
  2. Layer > New > Layer via copy

Crop Tool

  1. Draw box to crop your object.
  2. Enter or Image menu > Crop

Brush Tool

  1. Allows you to draw brush strokes
  2. Thickness, style, and color in tool’s menu bar

Erase Tool
Erases pixels. Background color is applied when use eraser to erase pixels
Paint Bucket and Gradient Tool

  1. Fills in foreground color
  2. Gradient – drag mouse across object to create gradient. Shift key when dragging to draw horizontally, vertically or at 45-degrees

Hand Tool
1. Moves the image, double-clicking the image to the maximum document window area
Text Tool

  1. Type text – can adjust font size, style and color
  2. Or create text box > drag to create box > Rename layer in palette
    a. Used to align text left or right in box or so text is does span the screen, instead it spans the box


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