PHP Tutorial 1: Getting Started with Dynamic Website

Buy the book and you can access the last 4 PHP tutorials too. … For this tutorial to follow, you need PHP, MySQL and a web server on your. computer. PHP Tutorial ….

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If you select \’Yes\’ you will be taken through the same question for the Apache Web Server, the MySQL database server and the Fi leZilla FTP server. It\’s best to click \’ No\’ for the FileZilla FTP ser ver . You won\’t need it for this tutorial, and since this is just a testing server, you won\’t need to have the ability to For more informat ion on XAMPP, included detailed installation and setup instructi ons visit ampp-windows.h tml.

  1. Download the software at: ampp-macosx.html#84 9 Select the first installer option (at th e time of this writin g it\’s listed as XAM PP MacOS X 0.5.) You may be tak en to a page that gives you a bunch of different places to download from. Just click one of the dow nload buttons. Once dow nloaded you\’ll have a \’packa -0.5.pkg.
  2. Double click the package file. A window that says \’Install XAMPP for MacOS X\’ appears . 
  3. Click the Continue button, s elect your hard drive i n the list that appears and click the Continue button again. Even if you have more than one hard drive att ached to your computer, you still have to select the drive that\’s currentl y running your system\’the installer wil l put all of the XAMPP files into your computers Applications folder. 
  4. Click the upgrade button and when you\’re prompted for you admin istrator password type it into the password field and click the OK button. …
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