SieMatic S1: The Kitchen for All the Senses

High-Tech never has to do better integrated into the kitchen interior. … The design of the S1 SieMatic is based on the same design philosophy. … SieMatic S1

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What does a SieMatic S1have that other kitchens don’t have? MultiMatic II is a storage-system that turns kitchen cabinets into variable and functional elements ingeniously designed foradditional storage space and unique usages. The doors are storage-system.

At first glance the SieMatic S1 appears somewhat muted. A second view for a new kitchen. SieMatic S1 offers new answers to old questions.What constitutes contemporary design in our times? What makes a kitchen more user- friendly? What new techno- Combine highest perfection with live the kitchen? The positive result is a technical innovations, novel options, and hidden functions. Behind every We call it:Integrated Design. for all the senses. And an innovation that makes sense: the new SieMatic awarded the coveted Red Dot Award best of the best 2008 by the Design Zentrum of North-Rhine-Westphalia development and that has received Design Award 2009 of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Taste,Smell,Touch,Sight,and Sound: Kitchen without handles. Because to provide for an unobtrusive, and is repeated in a ratio of 1:4. For countertops selected,premium alignment of the 1cm thin alumi- polished edges. The end-panels are flush with the counter-top for an elegant, jointless frame of the Task-Channel perfectly recess panel. And at the same time it is superbly functional,providing interior.

The visual appearance essential:Scent and Taste.Color and Material.Light and Sound. uniquely linear design and could distract from its sensory perception, is essential to the design philosophy of the SieMatic S1.Driven by the intuitively operational,a distinctive design concept has evolved:the unique contours of the SieMatic S1. 8 1 Between light and dark there lies a world of emotions. The three Lighting Systems of the SieMatic S1. the direct,colorless work-light Indirect, warm light source behind the The modern,energy efficient LED light creates a spatial effect. switch on and off. The MoodLight of the illuminating the glazed Recess.The color are centrally located at the SmartBoard.

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