V-Belt and Timing Belt Installation and Maintenance

Inspect for dirt, rust, damage and wear. … On belt drives, tensioners are sometimes used for the power of ten activation on take-off, or ….

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10 Point V-Belt Installation Check List
1. Turn equipment OFF and lock out power source.
2. Shorten center distance and remove old belts.
3. Inspect and service take-up rails, bearings, and shafts.
4. Inspect and clean sheaves; replace worn and damaged sheaves.
5. Check and correct sheave alignment.
6. Select replacement belts.
7. Lay belts over sheaves; rotate until belts’ slack is on the same side.
8. Check final sheave alignment.
9. Increase center distance until belts won’t slip under a full load.
10. Inspect belt drive in 24-48 hours.

V-Belt Installation
Remove old belts …1
Inspect and service drive elements …1
Inspect/replace sheaves …1
Sheave installation and removal …1
Check sheave alignment …2
Select replacement belts …2
Install new belts …2
Check final sheave alignment …2
Tension belts …2
Inspect drive in 24-48 hours …3
Belt Storage Tips …3
Synchro-Link® Timing Belt Drives …3
Taper-Lock® pulleys …4
Rib Ace® Drives …4
Quarter Turn Drives …5
V-Flat Drives …5
V-Belt …5
Timing Belt …5
Troubleshooting Guide …6 & 7
Troubleshooting Examples …8
Bando Product Line …Inside Back Cover

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