1953 – 1967 Corvette Specification Guide

1953-1967 Corvette identifying serial numbers / Manual.com – Manuals Carb … On a triangular metal identification tag, appears the numbers shown in the Carburetor section. This triangular metal identification tag is attached to the bowl cover on YH models…

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Engine Identification
Code Location:
On a machined boss just to the rear of the ignition distributor opening on 1953-55 six-cylinderengines, the engine type identification and manufacturing serial code stamping is located while for the 1955 and later V-8 engines are at the right front top, on a pad just ahead of the cylinder head. Note: The use of the die stamp resembling the alphabetical letter  l is often the Roman numeral character for the number one.
Corvette\’s  LAY engine prefix indicates  L for the 1953 model-year;  A for passenger car not truck type engine; and  Y for Corvette 150 horsepower 235 engine with powerglide transmission manufactured at the Tonawanda, New York, engine plant. A six-digit engine serial number follows the engine code.
Starting with 0001001 at the beginning of each model year, Engines were serial numbered in sequence. Other than the higher serial numbered cars tend to have a higher serial numbered engine, there is no correlation between this engine serial number and the vehicle identification serial numbers. The source designation letter  F for Flint Engine Plant follows the 1954-56
engine serial numbers. For the vehicle model-year  54 , 55 or  56 and the engine type suffix code

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