Adobe Contribute CS3 Tutorial

then to install the NAL icon, Adobe Contribute CS3 Installer. … Tutorial. Disappears when you start editing pages. How ….

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Contribute Workflow

  • The webmaster creates the shell of the website, complete with links to the various pages, and employs a consistent appearance across all pages.
  • The entire site is tested for functionality, and then published making the site available.
  • Next, the contributors begin editing established pages by adding specific content to these pages.
  • What a contributor can do corresponds to the ‘role’ he or she is assigned.
  • Roles control who can edit pages, to what degree they can edit, and whether they can publish the changes directly to the web site, or submit them for review

Getting Started
Four steps are required to get set up for working in Contribute.

  1. Call the Webmaster, 248­1686, for website needs assessment.
  2. Install Contribute from NAL.
  3. Receive a Site Connection Key file, via GroupWise.
  4. Install the key file

The Contribute Interface

  • Menu Bar: Contains all program functionality; however, most features are available directly in the document area and the toolbar.
  • Side Bar: Comprised of Pages pane, and How Do I pane. Can be collapsed to provide more room for Document Area.
  • Pages pane: Area where you can switch between Contribute’s built­in web browser and any new pages or pages that you are editing.
  • How Do I pane: Quick links to various help topics provided in the program.
  • Main Contribute Window: Shows existing web sites being worked on and offers new website connections. Also provides links for a Quick Tour, and the Contribute Tutorial. Disappears when you start editing pages.
  • Main Toolbar: Offers program features that apply to the displayed window in the document area. Toolbar buttons will change depending on the particular window being displayed.
  • Address Bar: Standard web browser bar that permits web addresses to be entered for quick navigation
Download Adobe Contribute CS3 Tutorial pdf from, 18 pages, 1264.41KB.
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