AEM User’s Manual – Version 5.2a

User Guide. January 2008. Federal Aviation Administration ….. Version 3, User Guide, DOT/FAA/EE-96-04, September 1996. … Boeing 747-100/JT9D-7QN ….

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AEM is a method to predict contour area or noise level changes that correlate highly with INM predictions.  The activity at airports can be expressed in terms of equivalent aircraft operations and reasonable estimates of impact area can be obtained without the use of more sophisticated and expensive computer modeling. Many studies, particularly those dealing with national impacts, have used variations of the equivalency approach. The basic hypothesis of AEM is that while equivalencies can be developed the nature of the relationship changes with the distance between the aircraft and the observation point

AEM is a screening tool for the INM and a quick way to assess the impact of changes in aircraft mix or number of operations as part of an EA, FONSI, or other environmental noise study. If there is a 17% increase in DNL 65 dB contour area then further analysis is necessary using the INM

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