Automatic SQL Tuning in Oracle 10g

Automatic SQL Tuning in Oracle 10g. Dage Ville Benoit, Dinesh Das, Karl slides. Yagoub Khaled, Mohamed Zait, Mohamed Ziauddin. Oracle Corporation Oracle Database Tuning Guide ….

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Automatic SQL Tuning in Oracle 10g

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Automatic SQL Tuning Architecture
  • 3. SQL Profiling
  • 3.1 Statistics Analysis
  • 3.2 Estimates Analysis
  • 3.3 Parameter Settings Analysis
  • 3.4 SQL Profile
  • 4. Access Path Analysis
  • 5. SQL Structure Analysis
  • 6. Automatic SQL Tuning in the Oracle10g Self Managing Database
  • 6.1 Observe Phase
  • 6.2 Diagnose Phase
  • 6.3 Resolve Phase
  • 7. Experimental Results
  • 8. Related Work

In this paper, we have described the Automatic SQL Tuning feature introduced in Oracle10g. It is tightly integrated with the Oracle query optimizer, and is an integral part of the manageability framework for self-managing databases introduced in Oracle10g. The Automatic SQL Tuning is based on the Automatic Tuning Optimizer, the new generation Oracle query optimizer. The SQL Tuning Advisor tunes SQL statements and produces a set of comprehensive tuning recommendations including SQL Profiles. The user decides whether to accept the recommendations.

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