Automation of VW transmission 02k-DNZ

Mercedes A-Class, however, change and actuator selection are not … The number of teeth on each gear is given in the service manual and VW ….. s = 10E-3. [%] Mr. Roads travels die sleeve shifting 13/10 [mm] ….

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Automation of VW transmission 02k-DNZ
Internal traineeship
DCT report: 2004-21
Date: 05-04-2004
Author: A.J.Baeten
Supervisor: dr. ir. R.M. van Druten

  • Index
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Choosing an actuation system
  • 2.1 Performance
  • 2.2 Comfort
  • 2.3 ~ o s i
  • 2.4 Pzckaging
  • 2.5 Conclusion
  • 3 Opel Corsa – Easytronic
  • 3.1 Reason for automation
  • 3.2 Implemented modifications
  • 3.2.1 Shift and selector actuator
  • 3.2.2 Actuation lay-out
  • 3.2.3 Clutch actuator  11
  • 3.2.4 Easytronic control signal
  • 4 Transmission 02k-DNZ overview
  • 4.1 Transmission lay-out
  • 4.2 Properties of the synchromeshes
  • 5 Required specifications
  • 5.1 Time available
  • 5.2 Finding the most critical shifts
  • 6 Reduction of moments of inertia
  • 6.1 Calculation of the inertia\’s
  • 6.2 Determining the relative angular velocities  
  • 6.3 Lumping the inertia\’s
  • 7 Calculating if the solution will work
  • 7.1 Simplifications and assumptions
  • 7.2 Required synchronization force
  • 7.3 Properties of the actuating system  
  • 7.4 Synchroniser performance limits
  • 8 Interpretation of the result
  • 9 Conclusions and recommendations
  • 9.1 Conclusions
  • 9.2 Recommendations
  • Bibliography

However are always vague under which conditions the shift times are valid. This it difficult to predict they will perform in gearbox and different conditions, less favorable. The following table with more than Shift times specified by manufacturer this table only hydraulically actuated the following figure unknown hydraulically operated gearbox and the electromechanically \’Easytronic\’ from shift and selector actuator, Right; There are only two modules that and they are shown These modules contain all the sensors, actuators and even the control unit, integrated with the clutch actuator as shown right in the figure All sensors which are these modules but are for the controls are a manual gearbox. The control needs some the signals these standard so the control unit will to receive data from them. An electromechanically actuated is preferred because its low cost and its compactness. It is because it is a cannot leak and eliminates difficult Another reason for choosing the Easytronic system that it well documented compared Sensodrive solution of Citroen-Getrag, solution. A possible explanation why information Sensodrive system is rather scarce that it is introduced recently, whereas the Easytronic system was 2086. clutch working principle actuatiorr actuation force

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