Basic Maple Tutorial

Maple tutorial. The purpose of this paper is to present some basic commands in Maple, syntax and concepts of programming. Maple V Release 9.5. Maple Tutorial ….

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Basic Maple Tutorial
The purpose of this document is to introduce some basic Maple commands, syntax, and programming concepts for
Maple V Release 9.5.

  1. Some Basic Maple Commands
    After you log on to your terminal and access Maple, you will get a window containing a ”prompt” > where you can immediately begin entering Maple commands. If you wanted to multiply the numbers 247 and 3756, you would enter…
  2. Arithmetic
    The basic arithmetic operations of addition, multiplication, division, and exponentiation are recognized in Maple V by the following symbols:…
  3. Defining Variables and Functions
    You can assign a value or a function to a variable by using the colon-equal notation :=
  4. Case Sensitivity
    Maple is case sensitive – it distinguishes between upper and lower case characters. If you want to factor the polynomial x2 + 2 x + 3, you would enter…
  5. Modular Arithmetic and the Greatest Common Divisor
    You can easily perform modular arithmetic in Maple using the mod function. The mod function in Maple is always entered in lower case, not in the upper case MOD form that your textbook uses. The following commands illustrates how this command works:…
  6. Representing Messages: Strings
    In this class, when we enter sentences to be encrypted or decrypted, we will normally enter them as strings. Strings are always enclosed in double quotes ””. For example, to store the sentence ”MAPLE IS NOT THAT HARD TO USE”, we would enter:…
  7. Algebra
    Here are some of the important Maple V algebra commands:…
  8. Graphing
    Maple has the ability the graph functions and equations. The plot command is the basic command used for plotting graphs. To demonstrate, suppose we enter the function…
  9. Help File
    You can obtain the help file regarding most Maple functions and statements by entering ? name where name is the function or statement you desire help on. To see help on factor, you can enter:…
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