BOEING 747-400 Jumbo Jet

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The 747-400 differs from the -300 in having numerous changes to the structure and systems. The wing span has been increased by the use of 6 ft (1.8 m) extensions on the wingtips with upward-pointing winglets for improved aerodynamics. The new wingtips increase the aspect ratio of the wing, thereby reducing induced drag and increasing the range of the aircraft by 3%. Extended wingtips plus winglets increase overall span to 212 ft. 2 in. (64.67 m.). Boeing says the -400 consumes 8 to 13% less fuel than the 747-300, and up to 17% less than the 747-200

Boeing 747 General Data
Boeing rolled out its 1,000th 747 from its wide-body factory at Everett, WA in 1994. A 747-400 model, it was destined for Singapore Airlines. Since the first one was built in 1969, Boeing has delivered more than 1,235 747s in all, worth a total of over $170 billion when adjusted for inflation. The 747-400 has been the best selling variant with more than 567 orders and 491 delivered by the end of 1999

Boeing 747-400X
Initially Boeing studied a 920,000 lb (418,200 kg) gross weight version of the 747-400 that would add either 22,000 lb of payload or about 300 nm. to the aircraft\’s range. Much of the range improvement would result from additional fuel in the tailplane torsion box and in the forward lower cargo bay. The stronger wings and landing gear of the 747-400F also would be used

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