Consumers Guide to Auto Insurance

This guide will help you find the car …. Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance. Louisiana law requires that all registered owners of …. No matter how low the premium might be, an inexpensive policy does you absolutely no good if the insurance company cannot cover your claim when your car has been involved in an accident

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Consumers Guide to Auto Insurance Contents:

  • What do I do first? … 2
  • Insurance buying tips
  • From our consumer hotline … 3
  • What insurance do I have to buy? … 4
    Liability coverage
  • What about other coverages? … 4
    Medical payments coverage
    Uninsured motorist coverage
    Uninsured motorist property coverage
    Towing and labor coverage
    Collision coverage
    Comprehensive coverage
    Louisiana Automobile Insurance Plan
    Rental reimbursement
  • What if I don’t have proper coverage? … 7
  • Does my coverage fit my needs? … 8
  • What factors affect my premium? … 8
  • What kinds of discounts can I get?… 9
  • What if I am involved in an accident? …10
  • Cancellation and nonrenewal …10
  • Automobile insurance worksheets …12


Download Consumers Guide to Auto Insurance pdf from, 15 pages, 1.6KB.