Fundraising for Your Organization

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DO\’S . . .

  • Do consider campus funding sources, such as the Club Finance Council
  • Do use thoughtful planning — too many events are the product of an impulse.
  • Do be energetic, creative, and enthusiastic.
  • Do your homework on immediate needs and final goals.
  • Do have a goal.
  • Do have supplies/services donated as much as possible.
  • Do watch for opportunities to build on others\’ efforts.
  • Do utilize multiple approaches to fundraising – for example, sell t-shirts at a dance.
  • Do keep records of everything you do.
  • Do keep track of those who have supported you in the past.
  • Do give donors something tangible for their donation or send a thank you.
  • Do get committees together before and after every step to applaud successes and to strategize more difficult ones.
  • Do make successful fundraisers traditional.
  • Do set up an account for easy and reliable record keeping of income and expenses.
  • Do announce or report the results.

DON\’TS . . .

  • Don\’t rely totally on dues.
  • Don\’t let one person completely control all the finances — have at least one more person verify transactions, and don\’t allow funds to be controlled by an advisor or someone unaffiliated with your school.
  • Don\’t allow fundraising to disrupt the regular business or programs of the organization.
  • Don\’t ask anyone to make a donation because you need the money.
  • Don\’t ask for a fixed price when a donation will do.
  • Don\’t assume that every person who has promised to donate will automatically pay — you may have to remind them.
  • Don\’t focus on cash, look for in kind operational support such as phone usage, postage, typing services, etc. to help minimize expenses.
  • Don\’t let the treasurer handle all the responsibility — spread it around.
  • Don\’t wait until the last minute for anything — be prepared!
  • Don\’t forget — be creative, enthusiastic, and have fun!


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