Linear Regression (Best-Fit Line) Using Excel 2007

From linear regression (line of best fit) using Excel (2007). You use Microsoft Excel to different graphs to make this semester. This tutorial is ….

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Now that you know what Excel looks like, let\’s dive right in and get to work. But first, this is college and we do not simply connect the dots”when we make a graph – we do linear regression which generates a line that fits among the points. Let’s say that you have some XY data and would like to make a graph and you need a best-fit line. First thing first, enter the data into the appropriate columns placing your x-axis data first and y-axis data second.
Now you want to click on the Chart Wizard button to bring up a list of possible graph types. We will, for the most part, be using XY scatter plots. The most common mistake made by students is choosing the Line graph – so don’t do it!!! Right. Go ahead and click on Insert then choose the scatter option and finally the graph with no line on it.

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