Maple Tutorial – Math 2250 Differential Equations

Maple – Differential equations. First, we briefly the basic commands of Maple research and how we can use Maple to study ….

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Differential Equations
First, we briefly review basic Maple commands and how we can use Maple to study differential equations. Most of this should be familiar from the previous tutorial as well as your first Maple assignment. A few things to remember and. what you need to do first when things don\’t work out !

  • Command lines should begin with the prompt \’>\’
  • End every command with a semicolon \’;\’ or a colon \’:\’ If you end with a semicolon, you will see a visible output while ending with a colon will suppress your output.
  • Always check if you have the correct number of brackets if you get a cryptic error message. Also check if your variable is called correctly; variable name and function name are case−sensitive
  • You can enter explanatory comments in a command line by inserting a \’#\’ Any text to the left of \’#\’ will be disregarded .
  • You can use Maple in a text editor mode by clicking the \’T\’ button at the very top. To go back to the command line mode, click on the \’[>\’ button next to the \’T\’
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