Nikon Auto Document Feeder AF-10 User’s Manual

Reproduction of all or part of this guide without our permission is prohibited. … This manual describes the procedure for the establishment of the AF-10 ….

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User\’s Manual Auto Document Feeder AF-10, Contents

  • Introduction
  • Installing the AF-10
  • Using the AF-10
  • Loading Documents Manually
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specifications
  • Paper Limitations


  • Weight: 10.0 lbs (4.5kg)
  • Dimensions: 12.7 (W) x 20.6 (D) x 4.1 (H) inches (322 x 524 x 104mm)
  • Paper capacity: 6mm document stack (50 pages for 0.1t paper)
  • Operating Environment:
  • Temperature: 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
  • Humidity: 20 to 85% R.H. (no condensation)
  • Storage Environment:
  • Temperature: –4°F to 140°F (–20°C to 60°C)
  • Humidity: under 95% R.H. (no condensation)

Paper Limitations
Width: 3.0 to 8.5 inches (76 to 216mm)
Length: 5.0 to 14 inches (127 to 356mm)
Thickness: 0.065 to 0.145 mm
Weight: 50 to 127 g/mm
Paper Quality: Copy Paper
Document Condition: Use with ink that will not be transferred to the rollers. Torn, holed, wrinkled, or folded paper, paper with adhesive tape, carbon, or paper clips attached, or paper with wet ink, can cause a paper jam or damage to the AF-10.

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