Oracle 10g Application Server Application Ready Solution Guide

Amount of time before and after implementation, optimization of … And now, this configuration Deployment Guide for Oracle 10g is available in ….

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Oracle 10g Application Ready Solution Guide | F5 Networks

  • Improving application performance and user experience
  • Enhancing application security
  • Providing unified security enforcement and access control
  • Enabling seamless business continuity and disaster recovery

Key Benefits:

  1. Increase Oracle 10g performance F5 WAN optimization technologies can dramatically increase ·Oracle 10g performance across the WA
  2. Enhance Security F5 gives peace of mind with comprehensive application-level security.
  3. Gain Oracle 10g server capacity Extend server capacity by offloading tasks like compression and SSL processing onto F5’s unified, simple to manage platform
  4. Reduce bandwidth usage Achieve 20 to 30 times bandwidth reduction for remote office users.
  5. Increase administrator efficiency F5’s Oracle 10g-specific application templates, acceleration and security policies, and step- by-step configuration guidance help reduce deployment cycles by 1/3rd
Download Oracle 10g Application Server Application Ready Solution Guide pdf from, 7 pages, 363.65KB.
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