Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a panorama

PHOTOSHOP.COM tutorials. 1 of 3. Creating a panorama. By Matt Kloskowski. Panorama are an interesting way to people you show your pictures help to feel ….

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PHOTOSHOP.COM TUTORIALS 1 of 3 Creating a panorama By Matt Kloskowski there.
Because of their all-encompassing views, they let you capture more of a scenic view than a simple snapshot. If you thought you needed special software to create your own panoramas, think again.
STEP ONE: First, you need to take the photos. This seems easy enough and it is, but I’ll give you a few pointers of things you can do ahead of time to help your panorama (henceforth referred to as a “pano”) look better later in Elements. First, camera over on its side. The reason for doing this is you can always take as many photos as you need going across the scene, but you can’t take multiple expo – sures to capture more of the scene from top to bottom. So give yourself the most…To follow along, download the images shown here by navigating to the subscriber area of www.photoshopele –]
STEP TWO: Next, you want to overlap each photo you take by 20–30%. This will give the stitching algorithm in Ele – ments the information it needs to help align each photo and stitch your pano together. Ideally, you also want to shoot on a tripod. It’s not mandatory but it sure helps a lot.

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