Photoshop Tutorial Part I: Scanning and Basic Editing

Photoshop Tutorial Part I: basic scanning and editing…. you might want to make some adjustments to the Brightness or Contrast. This option has a dynamic preview window so you see what your changes will look like. Get comfortable with these options…

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Photoshop Tutorial Scanning and basic editing

Using the Canon Scanner in KESDA
Open the scanner software:
Start | All Programs | Canon | CanoScan Toolbox

  1. Select Save
  2. Browse to save it to your USB memory in the folder for your website (lastname), push OK
  3. choose an appropriate file name
  4. Uncheck the box Save Pictures to a subfolder with current date
  5. Push Scan

Some useful tips:

  • The panels on the right side of the screen can be added, closed, expanded/collapsed and reorganized. They can also be docked and undocked. Play around with them so you get comfortable organizing your screen.
  • There are a number of different panels you can add to the right side of your screen. Go to Window on the File Menu and add the History panel. This panel shows every thing you have done to your image and makes it easy to back a few steps or to compare before and after you do something.
  • Another useful panel is the Navigator. This panel lets you easily zoom in and out while showing you the part of the image you a working on. You can use the slider, the zoom buttons on each side of the slider and drag the red box around to navigate.
  • The hand tool lets you drag the document around the screen. You can momentarily use this tool by holdingdown the Space Bar as you click and drag the image.
Download Photoshop Tutorial Part I: Scanning and Basic Editing pdf from, 6 pages, 13.83KB.