Project: Strategy Testing and Automated Trading in Forex Market

09/09/2009 … Project: Evaluation strategy and automated trading in the Forex market. 1. Overview. Exis ng FX trading portals are widely available on the web ….

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Project: Strategy testing and Automated Trading in Forex market

  • Overview
  • Hypothesis
  • System design
    a. Testing and strategy evaluation
    b. Automatic trading
    c. System in action
  • Components details
    I. MetaTrader
    II. Matlab
  • Future works

We proposed a system to help testing trading strategies and automatic execution of orders and have achieved all the implementatation goals. Specifically:
In the first phase, testing strategies:

  1. Users able to defined a set of strategies.
  2. System able to process large amount of historical data.
  3. System able to use the data and strategies to determine success and failure of trades.
  4. By the end of this phase, users can have a numerical assessment on which strategies perform better and in what case.

In the second phase:

  1. System accepts real metadata.
  2. Using the learning models that has been built earlier, the system will give a prediction whether a trade entered at that me will be a success and failure.
  3. Prediction will alert the trading platorm to place a trade if the predicted result is positive.
  4. The system presents a complete loop from testing trading strategies, evaluate effectiveness to automatic placing orders.


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