The ACM Java Task Force Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to give instructors a gentle introduction into how to use the JTF materials in the context of an introductory programming course. tutorial. Note that the file should be acm.jar …… ACM Java Tutorial work force.

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The ACM Java Task Force Tutorial

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to the JTF packages …1
  • Chapter 2. Using the package …11
  • Chapter 3. Animation and interactivity …44
  • Chapter 4. Graphical user interfaces …65

More Sub Topics:

  • Eliminating the static main method
  • Making the programs a little more interesting
  • 1.2 The Program class hierarchy
  • Behavior common to all Program classes
  • 2.1 The model
  • The “felt board” metaphor
  • The coordinate system
  • Methods common to all GObject subclasses
  • Determining the location and size of a GObject
  • Changing the location of a GObject
  • Controlling the stacking order
  • Checking for containment
  • The GFillable, GResizable, and GScalable interfaces
  • 2.4 Descriptions of the individual shape classes
  • The GRect class and its subclasses
  • A simple example of GCompound
  • Recentering objects using GCompound
  • 2.6 The GPen and GTurtle classes
  • 3.1 Graphical animation
  • A simple example of animation
  • Simulating randomness in animations
  • Dragging objects on the canvas
  • Alternative strategies for responding to mouse events
  • Layout strategy for border interactors
  • Simple examples of the TableLayout class


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