2.5 Liter Twin Cam Timing Belt Replacement

your full attention during a timing belt replacement. The recommended belt replacement intervals factory 2.5-liter twin ….

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2.5 Liter Twin Cam Timing Belt Replacement

  • Measure the extension of the adjuster rod beyond the body. Replace the tensioner if it is beyond the specification of 6.0 mm ą0.5 mm.
  • Check the condition of the tensioner and pulley contact surface, bearing operation and grease leakage. Replace the tensioner if any abnormality is found.
  • If the tensioner passes inspection to this point, slowly move the rod down with a force of 66 pounds. Up to 10 minutes of slow pumps on the press lever may be necessary to fully retract the adjuster rod. Pump the lever until the pressure reaches 66 psi, then allow the pressure to drop before giving it another slow pump.
  • Stop when the adjuster rod is fully retracted (flush with the tensioner body). Pushing beyond this point will damage the tensioner.


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