The Biography of Vasco de Quiroga (1470- 1565), Bishop of Utopia by Benjami­n Jarnes (1888-1949)

This attraction led to a biography by Don Vasco de Quiroga, … The article provides an overview of this biography written by Benjamin Jarna biography of Robert Axelrod ….

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In addition, Benjamin Jarnes goes much further by listing the following dichotomies between history and biography:

  • history is a cold patterning of human events, while biography is a live and authentic recounting of a real, unique human being;
  • history is frequently a school for hatred and manipulation, while biography always sets high standards and good examples to imitate;
  • regarding Spain, the general History of Spain has always been especially prone to failures and shortcomings and has never managed to provide very good examples, while it has always enjoyed the benefit of very fruitful lives of merit

I consider that there is something wrong in this twentieth-century biography of Don Vasco de Quiroga by Benjamín Jarnés, an intelligent intellectual, a committed writer and a very critical individual. He neither questions Bishop Vasco de Quiroga at all nor any of his deeds. His admired man is always depicted as a very positive historical figure. And all possible critical interpretations of his life and actions are missing. Indeed, Vasco de Quiroga was a very controversial leader in his times and he still is in our days. He is frequently accused of being too rigid and of stereotyping the Indians

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