Vacuum Diagrams 1988 Jeep Cherokee

1988 Jeep Cherokee. 1988 exhaust emissions. JEEP VACUUM diagrams. ABBREVIATIONS chart. ABBREVIATIONS JEEP VACUUM DIAGRAM ….

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1988 Exhaust Emission Systems

  • CTO : Coolant Temperature Override
  • EGR : Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • HDC CTO : Heavy Duty Cooling,
  • Coolant Temperature Override
  • PCV : Positive Crankcase Ventilation
  • TAC : Thermostatic Air Cleaner
  • VSD : Vacuum Signal Dump


Download Vacuum Diagrams 1988 Jeep Cherokee pdf from, 3 pages, -KB.
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  1. I have bought a 1985 and 1984 jeep Cherokee what I was looking for was a PDF owners manual. The two jeep’s have V6 motors in them other than that I know nothing about the size of these motors. Can You guide me in a direction to find information on these motors and a PDF of a owners manual? Thank You.

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