Airtran Airways Contract of Carriage

1) AirTran Airways’ liability for loss, damage or delay in delivery of luggage ….. c) AirTran Airways can refuse a client who ….

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Airtran Airways Contract of Carriage

  • Limits of Liability for Personal Injury or Death … 2
  • Limits on Liability for Baggage, Fragile or Perishable Goods, Availability of Excess Valuation… 2
  • Claims Restrictions, Time Periods in Which Passengers Must File a Claim, Time Period to Bring Action Against
  • the Air Carrier … 9
  • Rights of the Air Carrier to Change Terms of the Contract … 9
  • Rules on Reconfirmation of Reservations, Check In Times, Refusal to Carry … 10
  • Right of the Air Carrier and Limits on Liability for Delay or Failure to Perform Service, Schedule Changes,
  • Substitution of Alternate Aircraft, Rerouting … 15
  • Definitions … 16
  • Notice of Incorporated Terms … 16
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