Bosnia: War, History, and Nationality

: War, History, and nationality. A unit of the program, developed by Steven Boyce for. University of Michigan Center for Russian and East European ….

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Bosnia: War, History, and Nationality, Contents

  • Introduction…1
  • Day 1: Nations and Nationality…2-3
  • Day 2: What is Bosnia and Who are the Bosnians…4-8
  • Handout 1: County Profile: Bosnia-Hercegovina…9-12
  • Map 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina…13
  • Map 2: Economy…14
  • Map 3: Ethnic Majorities…15
  • Resource Sheet 1: What is Bosnia? Who are the Bosnians?…16
  • Day 3: Quiz…17
  • Handout 2: History of the War in Bosnia…18-23
  • Day 4: War and Politics…24
  • Map 4: 1991 Ethnic Composition…25
  • Handout 3: Key Dates in Yugoslavia’€™s War…26
  • Day 5: Begin Independent Research Projects…27
  • Annotated Resource List…28-33
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