Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid

The diabetes food pyramid is a tool that shows how … Diabetes food pyramid. Reprinted with permission of the American ….

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Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid:

  • Choosing foods from the Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid can help you get the nutrients you need while keeping your blood glucose under control.
  • The Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid places starchy vegetables at the bottom of the pyramid, with grains. These foods are similar in carbohydrate content to grains.
  • The Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid puts cheese is in the Meat and Others group instead of the Milk group because cheese has little carbohydrate and is similar in protein and fat content to meat.
  • Knowing the serving size of high carbohydrate foods, and choosing the right number of servings per meal, can help you manage your blood glucose.
  • One slice of bread or one starchy vegetable serving fits in the palm of a woman’s hand.
  • One fruit serving is about the size of a tennis ball or small fist.
  • One milk serving is 8 ounces, about the size of a small coffee cup
Download Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid pdf from aces.nmsu.edu, 4 pages, 495.73KB.