Jeep Patriot 2008 Brochure

Carrier, Sport Utility Bars Molded Splash and drawbars are available Authentic Jeep Accessories by Mopar. See ….

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Jeep Patriot 2008 Brochure

  • Capability… 4
  • Freedom-Drive ITM 4WD … 4
  • Freedom-Drive IITM 4WD … 4
  • Sound and Vision… 6
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio .. 6
  • Flip-Down Liftgate Speakers … 6
  • Power … 9
  • 2.0L Engine … 9
  • 2.4L VVT Engine … 9
  • Safety and Security … 10
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP) … 10
  • Standard Front and Supplemental Side-Curtain Air Bags … 10
  • Patriot Limited … 14
  • Leather-Trimmed, Heated Front Seats … 15
  • UConnect Hands-Free Communication System 15
  • Patriot Sport … 20
  • YES Essentials Premium Seat Fabric … 21
  • Fold-Flat Front Seat … 21
  • Color and Trim … 23
  • Specifications … 25
  • Authentic Jeep Accessories by Mopar … 27
  • The Jeep Brand Lifestyle … 29
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