LCD TV Matters

LED LCD TV market is expected to grow to 32 million units in 2010, according Display Bank …. Mr. Berkoff is the President of the Association of LCD TV, ….

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LCD TV Matters
Table of Contents

  • Chairman’s Corner: 3D… by Bruce Berkoff…3
  • LCD TV News compiled by Veritas et Visus…5
  • DisplaySearch forecasts boom in 3D displays…5
  • THX supports Sensio 3D format with THX Media Director…5
  • Japan’s Sky Perfect JSAT to offer 3D programming this summer…6
  • Sensio given new patent application from the USPTO relating to quincunx format decoding…6
  • Quixel Research says 50% of consumers want 3D home theater…6
  • Sensio and Vizio sign agreement for integration of Sensio 3D format decoder into Vizio 3D HDTVs…6
  • Samsung begins mass-producing 3D TV screens…6
  • XpanD brings out X103 3D active-shutter glasses for LCDs…7
  • AUO to produce 65-inch 3D LCD panels…7
  • Silicon Image introduces 4K and 3D H.264 digital video decoder IP core…7
  • NXP introduces advanced 3DTV processor…7
  • LG begins mass-producing 3D 1080p displays…8
  • Sony demos 280-inch 3D TV wall…9
  • Sony introduces 3D activities related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup…9
  • Sony to implement Real D technology in “3D Home” strategy…9
  • Sony and PGA partnering to bring golf entertainment in 3D…9
  • Sony PlayStation 3 firmware update to enable 3D games…10
  • Softkinetic-Optrima and Texas Instruments collaborate to develop and market 3D solutions…10
  • VIZIO shows off XVT Pro line-up and “Beyond TV”…11
  • NEC Electronics introduces Super-resolution ASSP with LVDS interface for digital TVs and PC monitors…12
  • Sharp debuts RGBY QuadPixel technology; claims 1 trillion colors…13
  • Datacolor and Portrait Displays demonstrate TV calibration system – Spyder3HDMI…13
  • IMS Research reveals opportunities for Internet video…13
  • IMS Research launches new quarterly report on LED Market…14
  • In-Stat predicts that Ultra HDTVs will penetrate 40% of homes by 2025…14
  • Vizio gains lead in US LCD TV market reports iSuppli…14
  • LED LCD TV market expected to grow to 32 million units in 2010 according to Displaybank…15
  • DisplaySearch reports that LED will surpass CCFL in large-area TFT LCD backlights in 2011…15
  • LED backlight costs falling faster than conventional LCD backlights according to DisplaySearch…16
  • Quixel Research reports that 32-inch LCD TVs fuel 2009 volume increases…16
  • NXP announces support for 21:9 cinema-like display…17
  • ORC study identifies that two-thirds of US consumers own HDTVs…17
  • Quartics and Acer introduce “Beyond HD” video experience…17
  • Alereon announces laptop to HDTV wireless HDMI solution…17
  • Plus news from WirelessHD, SiBEAM, SiTune, Virgin Media/Rovi, Simplay Labs, Westinghouse…18
  • The Refinishing Touch, Microsoft, and Philips Research Recession… What Recession? by Paul Gagnon…23
  • Global TV Market Analysis and Forecast by Jed Yune…26
  • Interview with Ahmed Masood from Supertex…29
  • The HD Revolution: The Swelling Demand for Content and Bandwidth…33
  • Busting the “Super Bowl Sells HDTV” Myth by Andrew Eisner…36
  • Value Based Features for a Recovery by Norman Hairston…38
  • Approximately Right: Seasonal Patterns Persist by David Barnes…41
  • 2010 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon…43
  • Paying for it…by Alfred Poor…44
  • Display Industry Calendar of Events…47
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