Mitsubishi Galant Workshop Manual

Numbers terminals ECU inspection points and standard values are provided … The connector position can be placed in the table at the … Use the special tool (harness inspection …. EA pin Mitsubishi Galant. 2. Engine. 2: 2000 cc gasoline engines were made by ….

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Mitsubishi Galant Workshop Manual

  • How to Use This Manual
  • How to Use Troubleshooting/Inspection Service
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Major Specifications
  • Precautions Before Service
  • Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) and Seatbelts
  • Support Locations for Lifting and Jacking
  • Standard Part/Tightening-Torque Table


Download Mitsubishi Galant Workshop Manual pdf from, 34 pages, 660.25KB.
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