SolidWorks Tutorial 3: Magnetic Block

Magnetic blocks. Preparatory training … SolidWorks Benelux has developed this tutorial for self-training with the Plan of SolidWorks SolidWorks ….

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SolidWorks® Tutorial 3 MAGNETIC BLOCK:
You will learn the following new applications in this tutorial:

  • You will make two configurations of a part.
  • You will weld the parts together.
  • You will make holes using the Hole Wizard.
  • You will use standardized parts from the Parts Library.
  • You will assign different colors to different parts

We will perform the following steps:

  1. Take a piece of material of 150x300x20.
  2. Round off the four corners with a radius of 10 mm.
  3. Drill four holes of Ø17.

We will do following:

  1. Create a new configuration.
  2. Remove the normal holes in the new configuration.
  3. Make tapped holes instead

In this Exercise we have executed many new commands.

  • You have created parts from a symmetrical axis.
  • You have use a number of new sketch-tools, like Mirror and Trim.
  • You have used the Hole Wizard to make complicated holes.
  • You have made a welded connection in the assembly.
  • You have colored part
  • You have used standard parts from the Toolbox
Download SolidWorks Tutorial 3: Magnetic Block pdf from, 37 pages, -KB.
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  1. I want to learn machine quilting. I love hand quilting, but it takes so.long. And also buttonholes.

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