WordPress Plugin Development

Developing a WordPress plugin. (With photos). Simon Wheatley … Plugin Name: City Flickr. Plugin URI: http://www.simonwheatley.co.uk/ WordPress / ….

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WordPress plugin development (with pictures)

  • anatomy of a plugin file?
  • Plugin Name: Flickr Insert
  • Description: Allows you to embed Flickr photos
  • and photosets
  • add_action(\\\’wp_head\\\’, \\\’bi_insert_bg_css\\\’);
  • function names
  • filters
  • actions
  • filters
  • adding TinyMCE buttons
  • define( \\\’FI_WEB_PATH\\\’, \\\’/wp-content/plugins/
  • add_action(\\\’init\\\’, \\\’fi_addbuttons\\\’ );
  • popup dialog
  • forms
  • Answer various AJAX queries
  • shortcodes
  • javascripts
  • stylesheets


Download WordPress Plugin Development pdf from www.simonwheatley.co.uk, 67 pages, 6218.42KB.
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