Adobe Illustrator: A Basic Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator: Basic Tutorial. Software: Adobe Illustrator 9.0. What is Illustrator? Illustrator is a sophisticated and charts illustrate ….

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Adobe Illustrator: A Basic Tutorial
Tools Overview
The direct-selection tool selects points or path
segments within objects
The pen tool draws straight and curved lines
to create objects
The ellipse tool draws circles and ovals
The rectangle tool draws squares and rectangles
The pencil tool draws freehand lines
The scissors tool splits paths
The rotate tool rotates objects around a fixed point
The scale tool resizes objects around a fixed point
The reflect tool flips objects over a fixed axis.
The shear tool skews objects around a fixed point.
The blend tool creates a blend between the color and shape of two selected objects
The graph tool creates graphs.
The measure tool measures the distance between two points.
The gradient tool adjusts the beginning and ending points of gradients within objects.
The paint bucket tool fills objects with the current paint attributes.
The eyedropper tool samples paint attributes from objects.
The hand tool moves the Illustrator art board within the document window

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