Autodesk MatchMover Tutorial

While this tutorial is designed for the light mode, it might be completed … This file can be found in the Tutorials / directory. You can then proceed ….

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Autodesk MatchMover Tutorial
Lesson 1: Tracking an image sequence, In this tutorial you will learn how to:
Load an image sequence.
Use the automatic tracker to compute the 3D camera path and the 3D scene.
Navigate in the project with a 3D view to visualize and inspect the tracking results.
Render a preview sequence.
Export the tracking results to a supported file format.
Lesson 2: Using supervised tracking, In this lesson you will:
Load a sequence
Create and edit tracks manually.
Launch the solver.
Define a coordinate system.
Add a 3D object to verify the tracked sequence
Lesson 3: Object-based tracking, In this lesson you will learn how to:
Import a 3D mesh.
Create tracks and survey points attached to vertices of the mesh, using the elastics feature.
Lesson 4: Motion capture, In this lesson you will:
Create a motion capture project.
Synchronize two video sequences
Create motion tracks for two synchronized video sequences.
Calibrate the camera to obtain camera parameters.
Build a skeleton line representation of an actor’s motion.

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