AutoSketch 10 Advanced Exercises

This tutorial will teach you 3D effects, using … Your drawing window is now open and the creation of this tutorial. 5 In the toolbar of your ….

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AutoSketch 10 Advanced Exercises, In this tutorial
Create 3D Effects, In this exercise, you learn to
Create a 3D parallel extrusion.
Use the Standard toolbar.
Use the 3D Effects toolbar.
Use Web Tools, In this exercise, you learn to
Create a transmittal set of an AutoSketch drawing and related files.
Email the transmittal set (an Internet connection is required).
Check the receipt of the transmittal set and save it (an Internet connection is required)
Generate a Database Report, In this exercise, you learn to
View a symbol’s properties.
Select a database report.
Run a report.
Print a report.

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