Creating FotoCut with Corel 12 Graphics Suite

with CorelDraw to create a job FotoCut. … After entering your screen to select CorelDraw file and edit the bitmap. Has ….

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Using CorelDraw to create a FotoCut job

  1. Start CorelDraw 12 and import your file
  2. Once CorelDraw has imported your file select it on screen and edit the Bitmap
  3. In CorelPaint Menu: Image / Resample
  4. Set the resolution to 72dpi and the size to the wanted cutting size (preserve some
  5. Add a border for easier weeding, to do this, select Image / Paper Size
  6. Next we\\\’ll adjust the lighter and darker areas, this way we we’ll have a better
  7. Close the image in CorelPaint and save.
  8. Now lets trace the Bitmap to create a vector file to cut out on a plotter. Do this by
  9. In CorelTrace Select WoodCut
  10. Set following woodcut options:
  11. Perform the WoodCut
  12. File / Save Trace result
  13. Import the trace result in CorelDraw
  14. Draw a rectangle exactly around the image
  15. Reduce the height of the rectangle with 0,5cm
  16. With the rectangle selected: In shaping select intersect (leave source object) and
  17. Select the rectangle and increase width and height with 0,5cm
  18. Add some extra lines at the top and bottom for easy weeding


Download Creating FotoCut with Corel 12 Graphics Suite pdf from, 8 pages, -KB.