Excel 2007 VBA Programming for Dummies

Ming, try Microsoft Excel 2007 Power Programming with VBA … you’re still not convinced that mastery of programming Excel is a good idea, ….

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Excel 2007 VBA Programming For Dummies
Part I: Introducing VBA
I introduce the VBA language in the first chapter.
Part II: How VBA Works with Excel
The four chapters in Part II give you a better grasp on how VBA is implemented in Excel
Part III: Programming Concepts
The eight chapters in Part III get you into the nitty-gritty of what programming is all about.
Part IV: Communicating with Your Users
The chapters in Part IV show you how to create dialog boxes that look like they came straight from the software lab at Microsoft.
Part V: Putting It All Together
how to include your own custom buttons in the Excel user interface, you find out how to develop custom worksheet functions, create add-ins, design user-oriented applications, and even work with other Office applications.
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Traditionally, books in the For Dummies series contain a final part that consists of short chapters with helpful or informative lists

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