Ford Edge iPod Adapter Installation Guide

Installation Manual Ford Edge. Connecting to the factory AM / FM / AUX or factory Satellite Radio Radio. Equipped with single CD, CD6 or Audiophile RADIO ….

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Ford Edge iPod Adapter Installation Guide

  1. You should be installing you Brand-motion iPod Adaptor into a Ford Edge with an OEM radio that is similar to this picture.
  2. Pry up the HVAC bezel starting at the upper corner.
  3. Work your way down the sides to remove the bezel
  4. Disconnect wiring harnesses as needed to move the bezel out of the way.
  5. Remove the four 7mm hex-head fasteners.
  6. Pull the radio out and disconnect the antenna, 24 pin & 16 pin connectors.
  7. Connect the iPod Adaptor Vehicle Harness to the radio
  8. Connect the other end to the vehicle harness
  9. Connect the harness, and the iPod Connection Cable to the Adaptor box.
  10. Secure the iPod Adaptor box to the vehicle in a location
  11. Route the iPod Connection Cable through your vehicle
Download Ford Edge iPod Adapter Installation Guide pdf from, 14 pages, 979.77KB.
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