How You Can Stop Asthma In Your Child In only 7 Days

For many, just make sure that the mouth is closed to stop asthma. If an asthma [attack, cough, nasal congestion or other], then the tactic ….

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The Buteyko Manual For Asthma
How You Can Stop Asthma In Your Child In only 7 Days
By Using Simple Breathing Exercises

  • What is Depth of Breathing?
  • The Procedure
  • The Basic Breathing Exercise – STEPS
  • The Mouse and the Elephant Analogy
  • Finger Under the Nose
  • Nose Breathing
  • Steps Instructions:
  • Problems When Sleeping
  • Extra Breathing Drills
  • Star Jumps/Jumping Jacks:
  • Skipping or other Dance Steps
  • For Smaller Children and Toddlers
  • Progress and Scheduling of Training [Steps]

Training for children consists of:

  1. Retraining to ensure nasal breathing only
  2. Retraining to ensure breathing after physical exertion is mouselike
  3. Introduction of Steps as a measurement, as a training aid, and as a symptom relief aid
  4. Ensuring that breathing depth during sleep is reduced by body positioning and tape
  5. Ensuring that the association between elephant breathing and symptoms is understood
  6. Ensuring that relief medication is available at all times, even after apparent prolonged disappearance of symptoms
  7. Involving your medical practitioner in the process
  8. Encouragement to increase the number of steps up to a target level, while maintaining breathing control afterward.
  9. Restarting the program if there is a relapse of symptoms at a later time.
  10. Installing a routine of doing the steps on a daily basis, with similar importance as brushing of teeth.
  11. Being aware of the impact of different foods on breathing depth, and being ready to alter the childs diet if needed


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