Important Information About Disputes, Chargebacks and Fraud

This guide provides information on how we can work together to avoid disputes and chargebacks. You will also find a number of practical ….

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American Express, Important information about Disputes, Chargebacks and Fraud

  • Notifying you about a dispute or Chargeback
  • How to handle a Request for Information letter
  • Next steps once you have returned the Request for Information letter
  • How to avoid disputes and Chargebacks, whatever your business
  • If you’re a Hotel Merchant
  • If you’re a Restaurant Merchant
  • If you’re a mail order or internet Merchant
  • If you’re a Car Rental Merchant
  • Protecting your business against fraud
  • How to avoid fraudulent transactions
  • When processing face to face transactions:
  • When processing mail, telephone or internet transactions:
  • What is a dispute?
  • What is a Chargeback?
  • Ensuring the highest security with Chip & PIN?
Download Important Information About Disputes, Chargebacks and Fraud pdf from, 5 pages, -KB.
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